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Cat Turbocharger Core Return Form {1052} Procedure for Installing Counterweight Rod Holders on Certain PL72 PL83 and PL87 Pipelayers {7056} Procedure to Check and Rework the Upper-Carriage Swing Drive Mounting Bore on Certain MH3022, MH3024, and MH3026 Material Handlers {7051} Procedure to Install the Implement Control Levers on Certain Motor Graders {5051, 5063, 726A, 795C} Procedure to Rework the Rear LADAR Cover for R1700 Load Haul Dump Machines Equipped with Command for Underground {7600} Installation of New THR-3816U Macromatic Time Delay Relay on Certain Asphalt Pavers {1408, 4490} Procedure to Rework the Brake Covers in the Service Brake Group on Certain 120 Motor Graders {4251, 4267} Guidelines to Perform CX38 Transmission Inspection and Instructions to Use Cat Inspect Application for Certain 700 Series Articulated Trucks {0372, 0374, 3030, 7583} Procedure to Replace the Boot Kit in the Joystick Control Group on Certain CB10 and CB7 Paving Compactors {3065, 5462} Procedure to Install Middle Supports for Water Spray Bars on Certain Vibratory Asphalt Compactors {6607, 6609} Procedure to Install a Revised Command for Underground Microphone Mount on R1700 Load Haul Dump Machines {7600} Procedure to Upgrade Site Server Virtual Machine (VM) for Cat Command for Underground {733T, 7490, 7600, 7605, 7610} Procedure to Install New Flushing Hoses on Certain AP600F and AP655F Asphalt Pavers {7554} Procedure to Install New Swaged High-Pressure Fuel Lines on Fuel System Accumulator {1252, 1290} Procedure to Rework the Wing Kit Plates with Correct Orientation on Certain GB120 and GB124 Grader Blades {7051} Disassembly Inspection Form for CX38 Transmission In Certain Articulated Trucks {0372, 0374, 3030, 7583} Disassembly Inspection Form for CX38 Sub Transmission In Certain Articulated Trucks {0372, 0374, 3030, 7583} Procedure to Install <NOBR>604-4693</NOBR> Jacket Water Heater Kit on Certain 239D3, and 249D3 Compact Track Loaders and 226D3, 232D3 Skid Steer Loaders {1383} Procedure to Repair or Replace Toggle Switch on Certain Cat Products {7332} Caterpillar Repainting Process (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) CARC Paint per MIL-DTL-53072 {0652} Field Rework Instructions for Cab Removal Winch on All-Terrain Forklift (ATFL) {1408, 730L} Procedure to Install Weld-On Ground Engagement Tool (GET) Modular Segment System to Certain Load Haul Dump Machines {0679, 6001, 6128, 6131, 6800} Procedure for Troubleshooting and Configuring <NOBR>464-6050</NOBR> Work Area Vision System (WAVS) Display for Certain Material Handlers and Wheeled Excavators {7490} Procedure to Install the <NOBR>563-3303</NOBR> Communication Installation Gp for the Third-Party Wi-Fi Radio Devices {7606} Instructions for Replacing the Front Fenders on Certain CUV82, CUV85, CUV102, and CUV105 {7251, 7252}

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