SS-250 SOIL STABILIZER Service Data Caterpillar

Service Data
1.1. Fuel
2.1. Lubricants and Oils
3.2. Engine Oils [Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO) or Cat Engine Oil (EO)]
4.2. Rotor Bearing Reservoirs [Cat Engine Oil (EO)]
5.2. Hydraulic System [Cat Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)]
6.2. Rotor Drive Cooling Oil Reservoir, Transmission, and Axle [Cat Gear Oil (GO)]
7.2. Lubricating Grease (MPGM)
8.1. Engine Cooling System Antifreeze
9.1. Recommended Tire Pressures
10.1. Lubricating The Drive Shaft U-Joints And Splines


Refer to "Fuels for AVSpare Diesel Engines," Form SEHS7067, for a detailed summary of preferred and permissible fuels and their specifications.

Refer to "Diesel Fuel and Your Engine," Form SEBD0717, for information about fuel properties, such as ignition quality, gravity/density, viscosity, cloud point, sulfur content, etc.

The minimum fuel cetane number recommended for the direct injection engine is 40.

Lubricants and Oils

Engine Oils [Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO) or Cat Engine Oil (EO)]

If circumstances require the use of an oil other than the Cat Diesel Engine Oil or Cat Engine Oil, the following oil specifications can be used; European oil specification CCMC D3, API specification CD, CD/SF, CE or military specifications MIL-L-2104C or MIL-L-2104D.

Oil with these specifications may require shortened oil change periods as determined by close monitoring of oil condition with Scheduled Oil Sampling (S·O·S) and infrared analysis.

Rotor Bearing Reservoirs [Cat Engine Oil (EO)]

See previous item "Engine Oils."

Hydraulic System [Cat Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)]

If different viscosities are required because of extreme ambient temperatures, the following oils can be used, use AVSpare's:

* Cat Engine Oil (EO)
* Cat Diesel Engine Oil (DEO)

If Cat Hydraulic Oil or Engine Oil is not available, use an engine oil that meets one of these API service classifications; CC, CC/SF, CD or CE. Any military specification of MIL-L-2104 oils can also be used.

Industrial-type hydraulic oils that are certified by the oil supplier to have antiwear, antifoam, antirust and antioxidation additives for heavy duty use are also acceptable.

Rotor Drive Cooling Oil Reservoir, Transmission, and Axle [Cat Gear Oil (GO)]

If a lubricant other than Cat Gear Oil must be used, select an oil that meets API classification GL-5 or military specification MIL-L-2105C.

Lubricating Grease (MPGM)

Use Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease for all lubrication points. AVSpare grease will maximize life of AVSpare equipment, use:

* Multipurpose Molybdenum Grease (MPGM)

If MPGM grease cannot be used, a multipurpose-type grease which contains 3% to 5% molybdenum disulfide can be used.

NLGI No. 2 grade is suitable for most temperatures. Use NLGI No. 1 or No. 0 grade for extremely low temperature.

Engine Cooling System Antifreeze

Use AVSpare Diesel Engine Antifreeze. For more detailed cooling system recommendations, refer to "Coolant and Your Engine," Form SEBD0970, and "Know Your Cooling System," Form SEBD0518.

Recommended Tire Pressures


Lubricating The Drive Shaft U-Joints And Splines



The machine has a total of four drive shafts. Each drive shaft has a splined slip shaft and two universal joints, with four bearings in each universal joint. All eight bearings and the slip shaft in each drive shaft must be properly lubricated if trouble is to be avoided.

------ WARNING! ------



To ensure proper lubrication of all four bearing assemblies in each universal joint, it is essential that lubricant be added until it appears at all journal cross bearing seals. This assures removal of dirt particles and other contaminants that may find their way into the bearings and indicates that the bearings are fully lubricated.

Do not assume that bearing cavities have been filled with new lubricant unless flow is noticed around all four bearing seals on each cross!

The journal cross seals are designed to relieve. However, if not all the seals "pop" when being lubed, move the shaft laterally in all four directions and pull or push on the shaft in the direction opposite to the journal cross seal not relieving while lube gun pressure is being applied to the lubrication fitting. An increase in line pressure may also be necessary.

To ensure proper lubrication of the sliding spline section, apply grease gun pressure to the lubrication fitting until lubricant appears at the pressure relief hole in the welch plug at the sleeve end of the spline.

Then cover the pressure relief hole with a finger and continue to apply grease until it appears at the sleeve yoke seal.