AP-800 ASPHALT PAVER Service Data Caterpillar

Service Data
1.1. Capacities (Approximate)
2.1. Fuel
3.1. Lubricants And Oils
4.1. Antifreeze
5.1. Recommended Tire Pressures

Capacities (Approximate)

Engine Crankcase ... 9.0 U.S. Quarts(8.5 L)

With Filter Change ... 10.0 U.S. Quarts(9.5 L)

Engine Cooling System ... 22.0 U.S. Quarts(21 L)

Fuel Tank ... 42.0 U.S. Gallons(160 L)

Hydraulic Oil Tank ... 30.0 U.S. Gallons(113 L)


ASTM number 2 fuel oil or number 2D diesel fuel oil with a minimum cetane number of 40.

Lubricants And Oils

CO - Engine Crankcase Oil

1. Type: Engine oil meeting Military Specification MIL-L-2104C or SAE designation CD as defined in SAE 1183a.
2. Viscosity:

BR - Multipurpose Grease (CMI No. A05536)

1. Type: Multipurpose grease as defined by SAE J310a.
2. Consistency: NLGI No. 1.
3. Vendor: Mobilux EP-1, Mobil Grease MP, or equivalent.

HT - High Temperature Grease

1. Type: High temperature complex grease. Dropping temperature: 450 degrees F. (232 degrees C.) minimum.
2. Consistency: NLGI No. 2
3. Vendor: Mobilgrease 532, or equivalent.

GL - Gear Lubricant (CMI No. A05535)

1. Type: Axle and manual transmission lubricant meeting API designations GL-5 or GL-6 as defined in SAE J308a.
2. Viscosity: SAE 90 as defined in SAE J306a.
3. Vendor: Mobilgear 630 or equivalent.

HO - Hydraulic System Oil (CMI No. A05533)

1. Type: Automatic Transmission Fluid, Type F, meets Ford Motor Company Specification ESW-M2C22-F.

NS - BOSTIK/EMHART "NEVER-SEEZ" Anti-seize and lubricating compound, or equivalent.


Ethylene glycol type permanent antifreeze (CMI No. A05268). Recommended mixture - 50% antifreeze and 50% clean mineral-free water.

Recommended Tire Pressures

For shipping and operation: 35 psi.