AP-800 ASPHALT PAVER Screed Caterpillar


1.Feeder Control
in the "Override" position, this control overrides the other feeder controls to increase the amount of asphalt mix present in front of the screw conveyor. In the "Off" position, the conveyors are stopped to decrease the amount of asphalt mix in front of the screw conveyor.
2.Feeder Sensor Sensitivity Control
sets the angle that the feeder sensor arm and paddle must be displaced before an electric signal is sent to the conveyor pumps.

H = 15 degrees M = 30 degrees L = 45 degrees

Recommended settings for normal operation are H or M.

3.Tow Point Lift Switch
moves the screed tow point "Up" or "Down" when the selector switch (see below) is at "Manual".
4.Tow Point Lift Selector Switch
selects automatic ("Auto") or "Manual" control of the tow point lift cylinder. When this switch is at "Manual" the tow point can be raised or lowered by using the tow point lift switch (see above).

5.Vibrator Speed Control
controls vibrator speed by adjusting the vibrator pump swashplate angle.
6.Screed Fuel Pump Switch
controls the screed fuel pump which feeds diesel fuel from the fuel tank to the screed heaters or machine washdown hose.
7.Heater Switches
each heater switch controls a single heater. In the "Glow Plug" position the glow plug is on and the fan is off. In the "Fan" position the fan is on and the glow plug is off. The fan and glow plug are both off when the switch is in the "Off position.

8.Burner Fuel Control Valves
control the flow of diesel fuel from the screed fuel pump to the individual heaters. The valve for a particular heater should be fully opened anytime the heater is used.

9.Mat Thickness Controls
raise or lower the rear of the screed, causing the screed to ride lower or higher and leave a thicker or thinner mat.
10.Extendable Screed Elevation Control
adjusts the elevation of the screed extension if one is installed on that end of the screed.
11.Slope Beam Control
adjusts the slope of the slope beam.
12.Crown Control
adjusts the center crown in the screed.