AP-1200 ASPHALT PAVER Ending The Paving Operation Caterpillar

Ending The Paving Operation
1.1. Ending A Mat
2.1. Machine Cleanup

Ending A Mat

The making of a good transverse joint starts when the end of the first of the two mats is laid. A good vertical edge left at the end of the first mat increases the probability of obtaining a good bond at the joint.

There are several methods used to obtain a good vertical edge at the end of a mat and also allow a roller to move onto and off the mat. One method uses a piece of paper about 3 feet (91.44 cm) wide and a little longer than the width of the mat.

The paver is run until all the material in it is used. The conveyors and vibrators are then stopped, the screed lifted and the paver moved out of the way. The material is then raked evenly across width of the mat to form an opening for the paper, the paper is laid across the mat in the opening, and the material is raked onto the paper to the same depth as the mat. A layer of dirt or other material can be used instead of the paper to obtain the same result.

Another method uses a board the same thickness as the compacted mat. An opening for the board is raked across the end of the mat, the board is placed in the opening and material raked against the board to form a ramp for the roller and to hold the board in place. When the rolling operation is finished, the board is taken out and the excess material removed.

Machine Cleanup

Proper cleaning of the machine after completion of operation is very important to trouble-free paving. A spray-down hose is provided with the machine to make the cleanup as easy and convenient as possible. The spray-down hose uses diesel fuel pumped by the screed fuel pump.

As soon as the paving is completed, move the paver to a level area away from where the mat is being laid or will be laid. When using the spray-down hose keep the spray away from tires, hydraulic hoses, electrical connections, electrical cables, etc. Clean any part of the machine that comes into contact with the asphalt mix:

1. Push roll assembly.
2. Hopper.
3. Drag conveyors - be sure to clean entire length of conveyor chains and slats, not just the portion initially in sight.
4. Screw conveyor, including drive housing.
5. Conveyor drive chains - spray entire length of the drag conveyor and screw conveyor drive chains to clean and lubricate the chains.
6. Screed - clean front and bottom of screed. Raising the screed to the travel position will make the cleanup of the screed easier. BE SURE TO ENGAGE THE SCREED LIFT SAFETY LINKS.



To make the cleanup of the conveyors a simple one-man operation, with the engine running:

1. Check that the park brake switch is at "On".
2. Place the console selector switch at "Left".
3. Place the power switch on the left console at "Stop".
4. Place the feeder switches on the left console at "Override".

The brakes will keep the machine from moving and the conveyors will operate at maximum speed.