IT28G Integrated Toolcarrier Battery Electrolyte Level - Check Caterpillar

Battery Electrolyte Level - Check

Table 1
Battery     Interval    
Conventional     100 Hours    
Low Maintenance     250 Hours    
Maintenance Free     Maintenance Free    

Tighten the battery retainers on all of the machines. Tighten the battery retainers at every 1000 hours.

Check the following items at every 1000 hours. If necessary, check the following items more often.

  • Clean the top of the batteries with a clean cloth.

  • Clean the battery terminals. As needed, coat the battery terminals with petroleum jelly.

A battery should not require more than 30 cc (1 oz) of water per cell per week. This should exist with the proper charging rate and with a moderate climate.

In extreme temperatures, check the water in the cells weekly.

    Illustration 1g00468472

  1. Remove the battery access cover that is located on the left side of the machine.

  1. Clean the battery surface with a clean cloth. Keep the terminals clean and keep the terminals coated with petroleum jelly. Install the post cover after you coat the post with petroleum jelly.

  1. Inspect the electrolyte level in each battery cell. A maintenance free battery does not require inspection. Maintain the electrolyte level to the bottom of the filler openings. Use distilled water. If distilled water is not available, use clean drinking water.

  1. Replace the battery access cover.

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