PR-1000 PAVEMENT PROFILER General Description Caterpillar

General Description


The ER-1000B Roto-Mill is a pavement mining machine mounted on three crawler tracks that provide a maximum travel speed of 2 miles per hour or a maximum operating speed of 80 feet per minute. The rotating mandrel cutter uses tungsten carbide bits (teeth) to remove pavement to a maximum width of 12 1/2 feet and a maximum depth of 10 inches. Material loosened by the cutter is channeled onto a lower conveyor that moves the material back under the machine and onto an upper conveyor that moves the material up to a maximum discharge height of 14 feet. Dust created by the cutting operation is suppressed by a pressurized water fog spray directed into the cutter housing and lower conveyor enclosure.

Two separately located diesel engines supply the power for the ER-1000B. A 750 horsepower engine is used solely to turn the cutter by means of a system of drive shafts and belts. The 250 horsepower primary engine acts through a gearbox to drive two tandem hydraulic pumps that supply oil for four separate machine functions. The track drive pump mounts on the gearbox and supplies the pressurized hydraulic oil to turn the three track drive motors. The control (auxiliary) pump mounts to the rear of the track drive pump and supplies the oil for machine functions such as steering and elevation control. The other pump drives the three conveyor motors, one motor on the lower conveyor and two motors on the upper conveyor.

The track drive pump or control pump may be replaced separately. The conveyor pump, however, must be replaced as a unit - anytime one section is replaced, the other section must also be replaced.

The primary engine also drives the dust suppression water system pump, an air compressor and a 60-inch fan that provides the flow of cooling air through the hydraulic oil cooler and both engine radiators. Compressed air is used for the air operated cutter clutch and for air operated hand tools.

The cutter has replaceable snap-in cutter bits (teeth) that are mounted in holders welded to the cutter flighting. Easy access to any one or all bits and holders is provided by a hydraulically actuated full-width door and by an auxiliary cutter drive hydraulic system. The auxiliary cutter drive hydraulic system will turn the cutter slowly when the cutter is not in contact with the ground, without the danger of having to run the cutter engine. An air operated hammer supplied with each machine is used to drive the bits out of the holders.

Machine steering is performed by a hydraulic system manually controlled by the operator. The hydraulic system that adjusts the elevation of the mainframe and attached cutter can be controlled manually or automatically. Automatic elevation control requires the use of two elevation sensors, one on each side of the machine, or one elevation sensor on the left side of the machine and the optional cross slope sensor.

The cutter assembly is pin-connected to the mainframe so that the cutter can be easily removed when the machine must be transported to a new site. The machine can be transported as a 12-foot load with just the cutter removed, or as a 10-foot load with the elevation sensors and grade reference assemblies also removed. The shipping weight of the cutter is 30,000 pounds and the shipping weight of the rest of the machine is 65,000 pounds. With the cutter removed, the shipping height of the machine is 11-feet-4-inches.