PR-450 PAVEMENT PROFILER General Description Caterpillar

General Description

The PR-450 Pavement Profiler is a diesel powered three-track machine designed to trim existing concrete or asphalt slabs in widths up to 75 inches and depths to 6 inches.

The engine is transversely mounted just behind the operator's platform. A power take-off unit at the rear (right side) of the engine contains a pneumatically actuated clutch and turns the cutter through a belt drive. A pump drive gearbox is belt driven from the front (left side) of the engine. The pump drive gearbox turns three hydraulic pumps: one pump drives the tracks, one pump provides the hydraulic pressure for the control (auxiliary) system, and a dual unit pump drives the conveyors.

The cutter is a cylinder with replaceable tungsten carbide bits mounted on auger-type flighting that is welded to the cylinder. The bits cut the material loose and the flighting causes it to move toward the center of the machine.

Immediately behind the cutter is a moldboard mounted on two hydraulic cylinders that provide a constant downward force so that the moldboard is always in contact with the freshly cut surface. The moldboard prevents the loose material from moving back under the machine. The combined action of the cutter and moldboard channels the loosened material out an opening in the moldboard onto the collecting (lower) conveyor. The collecting conveyor moves the material back and dumps it into the elevating (upper) conveyor which moves the material up and loads it onto a truck or dumps it into a windrow.

A water spray system controls the dust produced by the cutting operation by spraying a fog mist into the cutter housing. An optional high pressure (800 psi) water system is available for machine cleanup.

The auxiliary hydraulic system steers the machine and raises or lowers the mainframe and the attached cutter. Steering is always manually controlled by the operator from either the left or right side of the machine. The elevation of the cutter can be manually controlled by the operator or automatically controlled by two hydraulic sensors. An optional cross slope sensor (pendulum) can be used to automatically maintain a set cross slope.

A compressed air system provides air pressure for cutter clutch engagement and for an air operated hammer that makes changing of cutter bits as easy and fast as possible.