PR-450 PAVEMENT PROFILER If The Machine Is Serviced Well, It Will Provide Safe And Efficient Operation! Caterpillar

If The Machine Is Serviced Well, It Will Provide Safe And Efficient Operation!
1. Keep the machine clean. The process of cleaning will reveal loose bolts, hydraulic lines and fittings, and other trouble spots. Be especially careful to clean any oil, grease, dirt or mud from the hand rails, stepping points and operator's platform to prevent falls. Clean any grease or oil from the controls so that a sure grip is available when any control is needed.

2. Be on the lookout in freezing weather for snow or ice on the hand rails, stepping points and operator's platform. Remove it, if possible, to prevent falls.
3. Always keep the operator's platform free from grease, oil, loose rags and loose tools. These can also cause falls.
4. Shut the engine down and place all control levers and switches, except the parking brake, in neutral or off before cleaning, adjusting or servicing the machine, unless the work to be done requires otherwise. If the engine must be running, ALWAYS HAVE TWO MEN WORKING, ONE MAN AT THE CONTROLS. Then if something goes wrong, the man at the controls can shut the engine down immediately.

5. Refuel the machine only with the engine stopped. Never smoke or have an open flame in the area when refueling. Always ground the spout against the filler neck to avoid a static electricity spark.

6. Refill the engine radiator only with the engine stopped. Turn the radiator cap slightly to the first stop to relieve the pressure before removing the cap. If the engine is hot, steam can spray outward under great pressure.

7. Block or crib the mainframe or other machine components that are suspended or held aloft by slings, hoists, jacks or hydraulic cylinders before working under or between them.

8. Never search for a hydraulic oil leak with your hands. Oil escaping from a small hole can be almost invisible and can penetrate the skin. Always wear gloves and use a piece of cardboard to find leaks. If you are struck by high pressure hydraulic oil, see a doctor immediately. Serious reactions are possible if not treated immediately.
9. Never use hand sockets instead of impact sockets on impact wrenches. Chrome sockets will eventually shatter under the tremendous energy transfer of today's high-performance impact wrenches. The hard chrome surface of these sockets will also wear the square drive faces of the tool spindle.