PR-275 PAVEMENT PROFILER 250 Hour Service Caterpillar

250 Hour Service
1.1. Changing Engine Oil And Filter
2.1. Cleaning Engine Breather
3.1. Changing Hydraulic Oil Tank Breather Filter Element
4.1. Checking Drive Belts For Fan And Alternator
5.1. Changing Hydraulic Pump Suction Filter Elements

1. Complete 10 and 50 Hour Services.
2. Change engine oil and filter.
3. Clean engine breather.
4. Change hydraulic oil breather and suction filter elements.
5. Check fan and alternator drive belts.

Changing Engine Oil And Filter

With engine stopped and oil warm:

1. Remove the crankcase oil drain plug. Allow the oil to drain.
2. Unscrew and remove the filter. Be sure the old filter gasket does not remain attached inside the filter base or leaking will occur between the new filter gasket and the old gasket.
3. Wipe the filter base.

4. Apply a thin coat of clean oil to the gasket of the new filter.
5. Install the new filter. Hand tighten the filter 1/2 to 3/4turn after the gasket contacts the filter base.
6. Clean and install the drain plug.
7. Fill the crankcase to the safe starting range on the ENGINE STOPPED side of the dipstick.
8. Start the engine and check for oil leaks.
9. After the engine is warm, check the oil level with the engine idling.
10. If necessary, add oil to bring the oil level to the FULL mark on the ENGINE IDLING side of the dipstick.

Cleaning Engine Breather

1. Release the hose clamp and disconnect the fumes disposal tube.
2. Remove the breather assembly.
3. Wash the breather in solvent.
4. Allow to drain dry and then wipe.

5. Inspect the gasket. Install a new gasket if necessary.
6. Install the breather.
7. Connect the fumes disposal tube.

Changing Hydraulic Oil Tank Breather Filter Element

The hydraulic oil tank air filter element is a spin-on type element. To change the element:

1. Unscrew the filter element from the filter head. Be sure the gasket comes off with the filter element.
2. Coat the gasket of the new element with clean hydraulic oil.
3. Screw the element onto the filter head until the gasket contacts the head.
4. Turn the element about 1/2 turn more.

Checking Drive Belts For Fan And Alternator

If one belt in a set requires replacement, always install a new matched set of belts, not just the worn belt. If only the worn belt is replaced, the new unstretched belt will be carrying all of the load and all the belts will fail in rapid succession. It is advisable to read just new belts after a short period of running to take up slack caused by the initial stretch.

The fan and alternator belt tension can be checked by applying a 25 pound force perpendicular to the belt midway between the fan and alternator pulleys. Belt deflection should be 9/16" to 13/16".

Changing Hydraulic Pump Suction Filter Elements

See pages 4-41 and 4-42.

To adjust the tension of the fan and alternator belts:

1. Loosen the adjusting bolt in the slotted alternator bracket.
2. Apply pressure to the alternator front housing only to move the alternator outward.
3. When the desired belt tension is obtained, tighten the adjusting bolt.
4. Recheck the belt tension. Adjust as necessary.