PR-105 PAVEMENT PROFILER Service Data Caterpillar

Service Data
1.1. Approximate Capacities
2.1. Fuels
3.1. Lubricants And Oils
4.1. Engine Cooling System Antifreeze

Approximate Capacities

Engine Crankcase (Refill Capacity) ... 4.75 U.S. Gallons(17.9 Liters)

Engine Cooling System ... 8.5 U.S. Gallons(31.25 Liters)

Fuel Tank ... 56 U.S. Gallons(212 Liters)

Main Hydraulic Oil Tank ... 47 U.S. Gallons(177.9 Liters)

Hydraulic Oil Replenishing Tank ... 5 U.S. Gallons(18.94 Liters)

Water Tank ... 100 U.S. Gallons(379 Liters)


No. 2D diesel fuel with a minimum cetane rating of 40 and a maximum sulfer content of 0.50%.

Lubricants And Oils

CO -- Diesel Engine Crankcase Oil (CMI No. AO5265)

1. Type: Engine oil meeting SAE designation CD or MIL-L-2104C.
2. Viscosity: SAE 40 or 30.
3. Vendor: Mobil Delvac 1300 Series or equivalent.

BR -- Multipurpose Grease (CMI No. AO5536)

1. Type: Multipurpose grease as defined by SAE J310a.
2. Consistency: NLGI No. 1
3. Vendor: Mobilux EP-1, Mobil Grease MP, or equivalent.

GL -- Gear Lubricant (CMI No. AO5535)

1. Type: Axle and manual transmission lubricant meeting API designations GL-5 or GL-6 as defined in SAE J308a.
2. Viscosity: SAE 90 as defined in SAE J306a.
3. Vendor: Mobilgear 630, or equivalent.

HO -- Hydraulic System Oil (CMI No. AO5533)

Automatic Transmission Fluid, Type F, meets Ford Motor Company Specification ESW-M2C33-F.

Engine Cooling System Antifreeze

Ethylene glycol type permanent antifreeze (CMI No. AO5268). Recommended mixture - 50% antifreeze and 50% clean mineral-free water.

NOTES: A. Maintain level between marks on dipstick.

B. Clean radiator core and oil cooler core daily. Straighten any bent cooling fins.

C. Change as required by indicator.

D. Fill to check plug level.

E. Check for water and sediment. Drain any found.

F. Apply lubricant only until resistance is felt.

G. Remove and clean as needed.

H. Open drain valve and flush strainer daily.

I. Apply slowly until excess lubricant is observed.

J. Pack with grease.

K. After each hour of operation, turn the handle of "Cutter Lube Seal" valve to the cutter used and pump handle of grease gun 5 full strokes.

L. Check electrolyte, add as needed.