PR-105 PAVEMENT PROFILER Be Sure Everyone Survives Your Operation! Caterpillar

Be Sure Everyone Survives Your Operation!

1. Have a first-aid kit handy. Use proper antiseptics on scratches, cuts, etc. immediately to avoid infection. LEARN WHERE TO GET PROPER MEDICAL SERVICE IF IT IS NEEDED.

2. Have a fire extinguisher handy, preferably mounted on the operator's platform.

3. Check to see that all personnel are clear of the machine before moving the machine. Sound the horn for several seconds to warn unobserved personnel and allow them time to clear the machine.
4. Never operate the machine under load until it is thoroughly warmed up - especially important with hydraulically operated equipment. Erratic machine response may occur when the hydraulic oil is cold.
5. Lower the main cutter or auxiliary cutter SLOWLY when starting a cut, or the machine may ride up on the cutter and travel backwards some distance.
6. DO NOT LET ANYONE STAND BEHIND THE MACHINE WHILE IT IS IN OPERATION. If the main cutter or auxiliary cutter hits a solid obstruction, the machine may jump backwards.
7. Work slowly and carefully until you are accustomed to the machine, so that you will not get yourself into a situation you are not yet prepared to handle.
8. Do not let anyone ride anywhere on the machine, not even for short distances. They could fall under the cutter or wheels.
9. Keep all personnel clear of the cutters and wheels when the engine is running.

10. If you must leave the machine unattended, lower the main cutter and auxiliary cutter until they are on the ground and shut the engine down. Be sure the travel control is at neutral and the emergency brake is on.

11. Never show off, grandstand or engage in horseplay on the job.

12. Never use alcoholic beverages or illicit drugs on the job. Also, be careful of medicine, tranquilizers and other drugs that can cause sleepiness. The increased reaction time caused by any of these could cost your life.

13. Devote your full attention to the job. Even a slight distraction can be dangerous while operating a machine.
14. Let only authorized and responsible persons operate the machine. No inexperienced person should ever be allowed to operate the machine without proper training first.

15. Never try to service a moving machine. You could fall under the machine.

16. Never try to mount a moving machine. You could fall under the machine.

17. Never operate an unsafe machine. You or your friends and associates could be seriously injured.