16G MOTOR GRADER Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (16)Engine Crankcase
2.1. (17)Alternator And Fan Drive Belts
3.1. (18)Fan Bearing
4.1. (19)Transmission And Differential Housing
5.1. (20)Tandem Drive Housing
6.1. (21)Centershift Cylinder
7.1. (22)Blade Lift Cylinders
8.1. (23)Air Conditioner
9.1. (24)Air Dryer (If equipped)

(16)Engine Crankcase

------ WARNING! ------

Hot oil or components can cause personal injury if they contact skin. Use caution when draining oil or changing filters.


Machine must be level, parking brake applied, equipment lowered to ground, engine stopped and oil warm.

1. Open drain valve and allow oil to drain. (Opening in frame also allows access to drain valve.) Close drain valve.

2. Remove and discard filter.
3. Clean filter housing base and be sure all of old seal is removed.

4. Install filter element by hand. Tighten until gasket contacts base. Tighten filter an additional 3/4 turn.

5. Fill crankcase to FULL mark on ENGINE STOPPED side of dipstick. See REFILL CAPACITIES.
6. Start engine and measure oil level. Inspect for leaks. Oil level should be between ADD and FULL marks on ENGINE RUNNING side of dipstick. Add oil as necessary.



NOTE: The filters may have rotation index marks spaced 90° apart. These marks should be used when tightening the new filter an additional 3/4 turn more.

(17)Alternator And Fan Drive Belts

Inspect condition and adjustment of belts. Belts should deflect 1/2 inch (12 mm) under 25 lb. (110 N) force.

To adjust belts, loosen mounting bolts and move alternator to tighten or loosen belts. Tighten bolts and check amount of deflection.

(18)Fan Bearing

Lubricate one fitting.

(19)Transmission And Differential Housing

Measure oil level with engine stopped. Maintain oil level between ADD and FULL marks on dipstick.

(20)Tandem Drive Housing

Measure oil level with engine stopped.

Maintain oil level between ADD and FULL marks on dipsticks (1 dipstick for tandem housing on each side of vehicle).

(21)Centershift Cylinder

Lubricate two fittings.

(22)Blade Lift Cylinders

Lubricate two fittings, one on each cylinder.

(23)Air Conditioner

1. Start and run engine at high idle.
2. Set air conditioner controls for maximum cold with blower on HIGH. Allow 2 minutes for system to stabilize.

3. Observe sight glass. If bubbles are present turn air conditioner OFF.

4. If no bubbles are present in sight glass, feel suction line (A) and discharge line (B). The discharge line should be warmer than the suction line.
5. If poor cooling is experienced turn the air conditioner off. Stop engine.
6. Have your AVSpare dealer service the air conditioner system if necessary.

(24)Air Dryer (If equipped)

1. Open the drain valve and drain the moisture from both sections of the air reservoir.
2. Close both air reservoir drain valves.

NOTE: A small amount of moisture may be present due to condensation in the system.

NOTE: Excessive moisture may be present if air dryer has been installed in a system that has been previously used without an air dryer. Several weeks may be required to completely dry the system.

3. Remove the desiccant cartridge from the air dryer.

4. The desiccant cartridge in the air dryer should be rebuilt or replaced when its water absorption capacity is unsatisfactory.
5. See your AVSpare dealer for repair kits and instructions.