16G MOTOR GRADER Safety Caterpillar


------ WARNING! ------

Before servicing the machine, lower all equipment, stop engine and apply parking brake, unless otherwise specified.


Keep area clean and free of oil and fuel.

Use self attaching air chuck and stand behind tread when inflating tires.

Wear protective clothing, glasses, respirator or other protective items when required.

Clean steps, grab irons and areas of machine you will be working on or around.

Be careful when working on vehicle. Hot parts such as exhaust manifolds, filters, brakes, engine oil, etc. can cause personal injury.

Block blade when working on cutting edges.

Do not permit smoking or open fires around fuels or other flammables.

All checks, adjustments, lubrication or maintenance should be made with the engine stopped, brakes applied and with all protective locks or controls in the applied position, unless otherwise specified.




Put anti-articulation pin in stored position before operating the machine. Put anti-articulation pin in locked position whenever working in pivot area, or if shipping unit, to prevent machine from articulating. Install lock pin in anti-articulation pin, after installing anti-articulation pin.

Turn disconnect switch OFF and remove key before servicing electrical system.

Attach DO NOT OPERATE tag to controls while servicing the machine.

When using pressure air wear protective glasses and clothing. Maximum air pressure must be below 30 psi (205 kPa).

Do not attempt adjustments while machine is moving or the engine running.

Do not smoke while refueling. Fumes from fuel are flammable.

Whenever draining lubricant extreme caution should be used, lubricant may be hot and can cause personal injury.

Do not smoke when observing battery electrolyte level. Batteries give off flammable fumes.

Do not allow electrolyte solution to contact skin or eyes. Electrolyte solution is an acid.

When using external source to help start engine, attach ground cable last, and remove first, to prevent sparks from occurring near the battery, which could cause battery vapors to explode. Attach ground cable from booster battery to starter ground terminal on machine to be started.

If machine is equipped with an emergency starting receptacle, use a jumper cable with a plug that will mate with the receptacle.

Do not attempt repairs you do not understand.

Operate engine only in a well ventilated area.

Store oily rags or other combustible material in a safe place.

Do not allow unauthorized personnel on machine when it is being serviced.

Hot hydraulic oil can cause personal injury. Remove hydraulic tank filler cap slowly to relieve tank pressure. Allow oil to cool before draining tank.

Hydraulic oil is flammable. Do not weld on pipes or tubes that are filled with oil.

Always inspect cooling system with engine stopped. Remove radiator filler cap slowly to relieve pressure. Steam may cause personal injury.

Inhibitor contains alkali, avoid contact with skin and eyes.

To prevent personal injury always lower all equipment, stop engine, set parking brake and block or restrain machine before servicing it.

If engine is not running, do not release emergency or parking brake systems unless machine is blocked or restrained.

Do not jump off machine. Always use steps and grab irons when mounting and dismounting.