NO. 140 MOTOR GRADER Safety Caterpillar


Lower or block all equipment before working on or around machine.

Move controls to relieve pressure before servicing hydraulic system.

Block blade when working on cutting edges.

Read Lubrication and Maintenance Guide before starting to make adjustments or repairs.

Do not attempt adjustments while motor grader is moving or the engine is running.

Use the proper tools. Replace or repair broken or damaged tools and equipment.

Wear protective clothing, safety glasses, respirator or other safety items when required.

Do not permit smoking or open fires around fuels or other flammables.

------ WARNING! ------

When using pressure air wear safety glasses and protective clothing. Maximum air pressure must be below 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2).


Operate engine only in well ventilated area.

Store oily rags or other combustible material in a safe place.

Promote good housekeeping. Keep tools and work area clean.

Do not allow unauthorized personnel on motor grader when it is being serviced.

Do not attempt repairs you do not understand.

------ WARNING! ------

To avoid possible weakening of the ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure), consult a AVSpare dealer before altering the ROPS in any way. The protection offered by the ROPS will be impaired if it has been subjected to structural damage or has been involved in an overturn incident.


Attach warning tag to controls while servicing machine.

Turn disconnect switch OFF and remove key before servicing electrical system.

Use self attaching air chuck and stand behind tread when inflating tires.