NO. 120 MOTOR GRADER Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months Caterpillar

Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months
1.1. (30)Power Control Shaft Worm And Gear Housing
2.1. (31)Power Control Housing
3.1. (32)Transmission And Flywheel Clutch
4.1. (33)Rear Axle Housing
5.1. (34)Tandem Drive Housing
6.1. (35)Center Shift Control Pinion
7.1. (36)Fuel Tank
8.1. (37)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

(30)Power Control Shaft Worm And Gear Housing

1. Filler plug is located to right of clutch pedal.

2. Oil should be visible in filler opening.

(31)Power Control Housing

Maintain oil level to bottom of level plug opening. Fill plug is at top right of control housing.

(32)Transmission And Flywheel Clutch

1. Tip seat forward and open access cover and remove floor plate.

2. Remove breather cover.

3. Remove element and wash in clean solvent.

4. Lightly oil element.

5. Install element.

6. Install floor plate and reposition seat.

7. Remove side cover.

8. Remove breather and wash in clean solvent and lightly oil element.

9. Install breather.
10. Install side cover.

(33)Rear Axle Housing

1. Wipe surrounding area and remove breather.

2. Wash breather in clean solvent and lightly oil element.

3. Install breather.

(34)Tandem Drive Housing

1. Remove breather-plunger gauge.

2. Remove element retaining nut.

3. Remove element.

4. Wash gauge assembly.

5. Be sure vent in gauge assembly is open.

6. Use new element. Assemble parts. Oil element lightly and install breather-plunger gauge.

(35)Center Shift Control Pinion

1. Backlash at any point should be .010 to .030 inch (0,30 to 0,76 mm).

2. Check backlash with rack centered, run full right and run full left. See your AVSpare dealer for adjustment procedure.

(36)Fuel Tank

Open drain valve and drain water and sediment. Close valve.

(37)Fuel Tank Filler Cap

1. Remove and disassemble cap. Wash parts in clean solvent.

2. Assemble parts and coat element lightly with oil. Install cap.