768 & 772 TRACTORS Before Starting Caterpillar

Before Starting
1.1. Walk-Around Checks
2.1. Positioning Seat
3.1. Seat Suspension

Walk-Around Checks

For your own safety, and maximum service life of the tractor, make a thorough walk-around inspection before mounting the tractor or starting the engine. Check for such items as loose bolts, trash buildup, oil or coolant leaks, condition and inflation of tires and trailing unit condition.

1. Check the diesel engine crankcase oil level. The 768 oil level should be above FULL mark on gauge. The 772 oil level should be in the SAFE STARTING RANGE on gauge.

2. Check coolant level. Maintain coolant level to within 1/2 inch (1 cm) of the bottom of the fill pipe.

3. To aid in starting depress air-fuel ratio control override lever. (Lever automatically releases after the engine starts.)

Positioning Seat

Pull lever to adjust seat forward or backward.

Lift back cushion and push or pull top of cushion to desired tilt position.

Seat Suspension

With operator seated push seat suspension control to ON position during operation.

Pull control to OFF position when parked.

Fasten safety belt after seat adjustment and when seat suspension is ON.

------ WARNING! ------

Check condition of seat belt before fastening.