825, 826 & 835 COMPACTORS Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months Caterpillar

Every 1000 Service Hours Or 6 Months
1.1. (17)Frame Lower Pivot Bearings
2.1. (18)Drive Shaft Support Bearing
3.1. (19)Drive Shaft Front Spline
4.1. (20)Transmission Drive Shaft Universal Joints
5.1. (21)Drive Shaft Universal Joints
6.2. Front Universal Joint
7.2. Center Universal Joints
8.2. Rear Universal Joints
9.1. (22)Transmission
10.1. (23)Steering Gear Shaft Lower Bearing

(17)Frame Lower Pivot Bearings

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(18)Drive Shaft Support Bearing

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(19)Drive Shaft Front Spline

Lubricate 1 fitting.

(20)Transmission Drive Shaft Universal Joints

Lubricate 2 fittings.

(21)Drive Shaft Universal Joints

Front Universal Joint

1. Lubricate 1 fitting.

Center Universal Joints

2. Lubricate 2 fittings.

Rear Universal Joints

3. Lubricate 2 fittings.


1. Transmission oil warm, engine stopped, equipment lowered and parking brake set.

------ WARNING! ------

Use caution when draining oil. Personal injury may result if hot oil contacts skin.


2. Remove transmission drain plug and allow oil to drain.

3. Change filter element. See Item (14) on Page 17.

4. Remove strainer cover and retaining bolts.

5. Remove tube and screen.

6. Wash tube, screen and magnets in clean solvent.
7. Clean magnets with a cloth, stiff bristle brush or pressure air.

------ WARNING! ------

When using pressure air, wear safety face shield and protective clothing. Use 30 PSI (2 kg/cm2) maximum pressure air for cleaning pressure.



Do not drop or rap magnets against hard objects. Replace any damaged magnets.

8. Install tube and screen. Tighten retaining nuts.
9. Install cover. Use a new gasket if necessary.

10. Remove breather.

11. Wash breather in clean solvent.
12. Oil element lightly and install breather. (If breather is made of plastic, install a new one.)
13. Clean and install drain plug.

14. Fill transmission. See REFILL CAPACITIES.

15. Start engine and operate for a few minutes. Check oil level. Add oil if necessary.

(23)Steering Gear Shaft Lower Bearing

1. Remove filler plug.

2. Lubricate through opening with 2 or 3 squirts of oil.
3. Clean and install filler plug.