825, 826 & 835 COMPACTORS Every 500 Service Hours Or 3 Months Caterpillar

Every 500 Service Hours Or 3 Months
1.1. (13)Hydraulic System
2.1. (14)Transmission
3.1. (15)Engine Crankcase Breather
4.1. (16)Service Brakes

(13)Hydraulic System

1. Machine level, equipment lowered, engine stopped and parking brake set.

2. Move hydraulic controls to help relieve pressure.

3. Loosen filler cap slowly to relieve pressure.

4. Remove cover, screen and element from filter housing.

5. Wash screens in clean solvent.

6. Inspect gaskets and install new ones if necessary.

7. Install cover, screen and element. Tighten to 43 ± 4 lb. ft. (5.9 ± 0.6 mkg).

8. Fill to above ADD mark in sight gauge is necessary. Leave filler cap loose.
9. Make sure hydraulic controls are in HOLD.
10. Start engine.
11. Check oil level and add oil if necessary.
12. Tighten filler cap.


1. Remove cover and element.

2. Remove element from cover.
3. Clean cover.

4. Install new element on cover. Tighten to 10 ± 2 lb. ft. (1.4 ± 0.3 mkg).

5. Inspect seal on cover assembly. Use new seal if necessary.

6. Inspect seal in housing. Use new seal if necessary.

7. Install cover and element assembly.

8. Start engine and operate a few minutes. Check oil level, and add oil if necessary.

On earlier machines, transmission filter is located above the floor plates, behind the operator's seat.

Change this filter by following steps 1 through 8.

(15)Engine Crankcase Breather

1. Remove breather cover and breather element.
2. Wash breather element in clean solvent.
3. Install breather element and cover.

Location of breather on later machines.

(16)Service Brakes

1. Apply brakes and hold pedal in applied position.

2. Check for clearance between edge of shoe plates and retractor springs. Install new brake lining when shoe plate contacts retractor springs.

3. Replace damaged or missing retractor springs.

4. With engine stopped depress service brake pedal 5 or 6 times. If gauge reads DO NOT OPERATE before 5 or 6 full brake applications check brake system lines and hoses. Also check brake accumulator precharge.