NO. 112, 120 & 140 MOTOR GRADERS Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (18)Engine Crankcase And Flywheel Clutch (140 only) Change Oil and Filter Element
2.1. (19)Transmission And Rear Axle Housing
3.1. (20)Brake Cylinder
4.1. (21)Rear Axle Bracket Caps
5.1. (22)Pedal Control Shaft And Engine Mount
6.1. (23)High-Low Lever
7.1. (24)Gear Selector Rod
8.1. (25)Governor Linkage
9.1. (26)Fan Bearing
10.1. (27)Fan Belts
11.2. To adjust belts

(18)Engine Crankcase And Flywheel Clutch (140 only) Change Oil and Filter Element

1. Oil should be warm, machine level and engine stopped. Remove crankcase filler plug and drain plug. Allow oil to drain.

2. Open clutch compartment drain valve. Allow oil to drain.

3. Remove filter drain plug. Allow oil to drain.

4. Loosen filter housing bolt and remove housing and filter.
5. Clean filter housing, base and drain plug. Install new element in housing.

6. Install new O-ring seal. Install housing and element on base. Install plug.

7. Clean and install crankcase drain plug.

8. Close clutch compartment valve.

9. Fill crankcase to Full on engine stopped side of gauge (refill capacity on page 44).

10. Install filler plug. Run engine for 2 minutes. Check oil with engine running. Maintain level to FULL mark on engine running side of gauge.

(19)Transmission And Rear Axle Housing

1. Check oil level at filler opening at rear of axle housing.

2. Maintain oil level to top of filler neck.

(20)Brake Cylinder

1. Open cover located at right of base of power control box.

2. Remove filler plug in top of reservoir housing.

3. Maintain fluid level 1/2 inch below filler opening.

(21)Rear Axle Bracket Caps

Lubricate 1 fitting in cap on each side. Total 2 fittings.

(22)Pedal Control Shaft And Engine Mount

Lubricate 4 fittings located below operator's compartment.

(23)High-Low Lever

Lubricate 1 fitting at lower end of lever.

(24)Gear Selector Rod

Lubricate one fitting each in gear rod pivot, yoke, front socket, cross shaft bearing and rear socket bearing. Total 5 fittings.

(25)Governor Linkage

1. Lubricate 1 fitting in block below operator's compartment, at right side.

2. Lubricate 1 fitting in each of 2 blocks at rear of engine, one on each side.

(26)Fan Bearing

Lubricate at fitting until grease appears at relief valve.

(27)Fan Belts

1. Check condition and adjustment of fan and generator or alternator belts.

2. Belts should deflect 7/8inch (22 mm) under 25 lbs (11,5 kg) force. Initial installation new belts-3/4 inch (19 mm).

To adjust belts

Loosen generator or alternator mounting bolts and move in or out as required. Tighten bolts.