NO. 112, 120 & 140 MOTOR GRADERS Every 50 Service Hours Or Weekly Caterpillar

Every 50 Service Hours Or Weekly
1.1. (5)Blade Lift And Drive Pinion
2.1. (6)Blade Linkage And Center Shift
3.1. (7)Circle Shaft And Steering Shaft
4.1. (8)Circle, Shoes And Spacers
5.1. (9)Tie Rod And Steering Arm
6.1. (10)Lean Pivot And Knuckle Pins
7.1. (11)Axle Pivot And Rack
8.1. (12)Steering Cylinder And Arm
9.1. (13)Draft Ball, Steering And Lean
10.1. (14)Steering Tie Rod And Block
11.1. (15)Wheel Lean Shaft
12.1. (16)Bevel Pinion
13.1. (17)Batteries - Check

(5)Blade Lift And Drive Pinion

Lubricate 1 fitting each at blade lift shaft and drive pinion on each side. Total 4 fittings.

(6)Blade Linkage And Center Shift

Lubricate ball sockets at each end of lift arms, lift arm shaft bearings and center shift pinion shaft bearing. Total 9 fittings.

(7)Circle Shaft And Steering Shaft

Lubricate 1 fitting at reverse drive shaft bearing and 3 fittings at steering control shaft bearings. Total 4 fittings.

(8)Circle, Shoes And Spacers

Apply lubricant with a paddle to top and bottom of circle, front and back of 4 guide shoes and ends of circle teeth.

(9)Tie Rod And Steering Arm

Lubricate 3 fittings at each front wheel. Total 6 fittings.

(10)Lean Pivot And Knuckle Pins

Lubricate knuckle pins, top and bottom, at each front wheel. Total 4 fittings.

(11)Axle Pivot And Rack

Lubricate front wheel lean pivot pins. Total 6 fittings.

Lubricate front wheel rack and axle pivot pin at front. Total 3 fittings.

(12)Steering Cylinder And Arm

Lubricate 3 fittings in cylinder pivots and 2 fittings in steering arm block. Total 5 fittings.

(13)Draft Ball, Steering And Lean

Lubricate 1 fitting each side of draft ball cap, steering gear shaft fitting (recessed in bolster housing) and lean housing bearing. Total 3 fittings.

(14)Steering Tie Rod And Block

Lubricate steering arm, tie rod ends (2), steering arm block and axle pivot pin at rear. Total 5 fittings.

(15)Wheel Lean Shaft

Lubricate shafts at 3 fittings located in housing.

(16)Bevel Pinion

Lubricate 1 fitting at top of housing.

(17)Batteries - Check

Maintain electrolyte level to triangles at bottom of filler opening.(1) Keep batteries clean.

(1)At proper charge rate, battery will not require more than 1 ounce (30 cc) of water per cell per week.