NO. 112, 120 & 140 MOTOR GRADERS Optional Equipment Caterpillar

Optional Equipment
1.1. Scarifier Adjustments
2.1. Scarifier Operation
3.1. Tire Pump
4.1. Windshield Wiper
5.1. Rear Glass Wiper
6.1. Cab Heater
7.1. Defroster Fan

Scarifier Adjustments

1. To remove shank, pull pin and remove shank from the bottom.

2. To install, insert shank, align notches and insert locking pin. Shanks can be reversed for carrying.

1. To adjust digging angle, lower scarifier to the ground.

2. Remove bracket bolts.

3. Raise or lower lift link to set angle.

4. Install bracket bolts.

Scarifier Operation

Use all shanks in light material, fewer shanks in heavier material.


When carrying scarifier in fully raised position, it is possible for scarifier beam to contact drawbar and cause damage.

Enter material gradually while traveling in a straight line.

Keep scarifier as deep as conditions permit. Match speed to load.

Lift scarifier when turning to avoid damage to teeth.

Break up paving by digging under surface and lifting scarifier.

Work downhill on grades.

Angle front scarifier for use in hard material.

Work in direction material is to be loaded.

All teeth can remain in front scarifier when level grading with blade.

Remove all front scarifier teeth and set lift links at shortest distance when reverse blading or ditching.

Clean scarifier when dirt begins to accumulate.

Tire Pump

Turn knob counterclockwise to engage pump drive wheel.

Turn knob clockwise to disengage drive wheel.


Operate pump only with engine at low idle.

Windshield Wiper

Turn knob 1/8 turn clockwise for low speed, 1/4 turn for high speed.

Rear Glass Wiper

Pull knob out to turn on, in to turn off.

Cab Heater

Toggle up for high speed, center for off and down for low speed.

Defroster Fan

Toggle up for high speed, center for off and down for low speed.