NO. 112, 120 & 140 MOTOR GRADERS Driving The Motor Grader Caterpillar

Driving The Motor Grader
1.1. To Change Gear Speed
2.1. To Change Direction
3.1. Turning Around

1. Raise blade high enough to provide adequate ground clearance.

2. Depress clutch pedal and shift transmission to first gear. Depress pedal part way to disengage clutch, all the way to engage clutch brake.

3. Move high-low selector to HIGH. High-low lever should never be in NEUTRAL when engine is running.

4. Release parking brake.

5. Move governor control to low idle. Accelerator may be used, if so equipped.

6. Release clutch pedal slowly to start machine moving smoothly.

To Change Gear Speed

1. Reduce engine speed. Reduce travel speed if downshifting.

2. Depress clutch (engage clutch brake momentarily if upshifting) and shift transmission.

3. Shift high-low lever to desired speed.

4. Release clutch and increase engine speed.

To Change Direction

1. Slow machine, depress clutch pedal and depress brake pedal to stop machine.

2. Position shift levers to desired speed and direction. Release clutch pedal.

Turning Around

1. Lean wheels in direction of forward turn (right for right turn, left for left turn). Travel as far as possible in direction of forward turn.

2. Lean and turn front wheels in opposite direction. Back machine as far as possible to line it up with new direction of travel.

3. Turn wheels to new travel direction and lean wheels in direction of turn. Straighten wheels for straight ahead travel.

If necessary to cross a ditch when turning, back across it.