NO. 16 MOTOR GRADER Transporting The Motor Grader Caterpillar

Transporting The Motor Grader
1.1. Shipping
2.1. Driving to New Location
3.2. While traveling


1. Block trailer or rail car wheels before loading.

2. Set blade lengthwise under machine. Lower all raised equipment.

3. Shift range selector to NEUTRAL.

4. Install lean wheel locking bolt.
5. Block wheels and secure machine with tie-downs.
6. Cover exhaust opening to prevent turbocharger "windmilling" in transit.
7. Tip or cover seat to protect cushion.
8. Release parking brake and wire lever in released position.
9. Turn disconnect switch OFF and remove key.
10. Lock all compartments possible.
11. In freezing weather, make certain that cooling system is protected with anti-freeze or is completely drained.
12. Check regulations covering transportation of cylinders containing compressed gas (brake accumulator).

Driving to New Location

Avoid possible trouble on the road by checking out machine before starting trip:

1. Check engine oil level.
2. Check fuel oil level.
3. Check engine coolant level.
4. Check transmission oil level.
5. Check tandem oil level.
6. Make certain wheel brakes work properly.
7. Make certain steering works properly.
8. Make certain lights work properly.
9. Tires should be in good condition and properly inflated.
10. Clean lights and reflectors.
11. Clean windshield, rear glass.
12. Have flares, safety reflectors and fire extinguishers with machine.

While traveling

1. Obey all traffic regulations.
2. Stop every 50 miles (80 km) for 30 minutes to inspect machine and allow machine parts to cool.
3. Check gauges continually - stop machine if any gauge shows abnormal reading.
4. When traveling long distances, lubricate machine at recommended intervals.
5. If it is necessary to leave machine unattended:
a. Lower all raised equipment.
b. Set parking brake.
c. Shut off engine and remove disconnect key.
d. At night, set out flares.