NO. 16 MOTOR GRADER Optional Equipment Caterpillar

Optional Equipment
1.1. Remove or Reverse Ripper Shank
2.1. Remove or Reverse Scarifier Shank
3.1. Ripper Operation
4.1. Scarifier Operation

Remove or Reverse Ripper Shank

1. Attach a chain or line to lifting eye and a hoist. Use hoist to relieve weight on retaining pin. Remove cotter pin and retaining pin.

2. Slowly raise ripper and allow shank to slide through bottom of slot onto ground.

3. Attach chain or line to tip end of shank, and hoist into place in carrier slot.

4. The top pin hole must be used to mount shank for ripping, and the lower hole is used to mount for carrying.

5. Align shank carry hole with slot holes, install retaining pin and cotter pin.

Remove or Reverse Scarifier Shank

1. Drive locking pin from rear of slot.

2. Remove shank from slot.

3. Inspect rubber grommet in pin. Replace if damaged.

4. Insert shank in slot.

5. Align notches in shank with lugs in slot.

6. Insert pin and grommet in rear of slot.

Ripper Operation

In most materials use three shanks and travel 1 1/2 to 2 1/2miles per hour.

Use only one shank in severe conditions.

In light material, use more shanks.

Break up paving surfaces by digging under surface and then lifting up ripper.

Enter material gradually while traveling ahead in a straight line.

Keep ripper deep enough to fully utilize engine power without slipping tires.

On grades, rip downhill to utilize weight of machine.

Raise ripper before turning to avoid damage.

Cross rip when required for a special purpose.

Scarifier Operation

Use all shanks in light material, fewer in heavier material.

Work downhill on grades.

Enter material gradually while traveling in a straight line.

Angle front scarifier for use in hard material.

Keep scarifier as deep as conditions permit. Match speed to load.

Lift scarifier when turning to avoid damage to teeth.

Break up paving by digging under surface and lifting scarifier.