NO. 16 MOTOR GRADER Before Starting Caterpillar

Before Starting
1.1. Positioning Seat
2.1. Starting the Engine
3.1. When Ether is Required
4.1. Start With Boost

1. Check diesel engine crankcase oil level. Level should be considerably above ADD mark.

2. Check coolant level. Level should be to bottom of fill tube.

3. Check transmission oil level. Level should be above ADD mark.

4. Check hydraulic system oil level. Level should be above ADD mark in sight gauge.

5. Check power box oil level. Oil should be visible in sight gauge.
6. Check diesel fuel level.
7. Check tire pressures (see page 59 for inflation pressures).

Positioning Seat

Turn knob to raise or lower seat cushion.

Lift handle at bottom of seat backrest to tilt backrest.

Move handle to allow seat assembly to move forward or back.

Move handle to allow seat backrest to move forward or back.

Pull handle to release latch to tip seat assembly forward.

Lift to tip arm rests.

Starting the Engine

1. Move hydraulic controls to HOLD.

2. Apply parking brake.

3. Move transmission range selector lever to NEUTRAL.

4. Engage transmission safety lock.

5. Move governor control to half speed position.

6. Depress accelerator past detent position. Turn disconnect switch ON.

Above 60°F (16°C)

7. Turn HEAT-START switch to START.

8. Release switch when engine starts.

Below 60°F (16°C)

7. Turn switch to HEAT for time indicated on chart.

8. Turn switch to START. Release switch when engine starts.

NOTE: If engine does not start after cranking for 10 seconds, switch to HEAT for 30 seconds, then to START. If engine still does not start, let starter cool for 2 minutes then repeat starting procedure.

Do not operate starter for more than 30 seconds without allowing 2 minutes cooling before using again.

When Ether is Required

7. Insert Capsule.

8. Switch to HEAT for time indicated on chart.

NOTE: Do not use more than 2 capsules without cranking engine. Never switch to HEAT when engine is warm and running.

9. Switch to START and discharge capsule or spray ether into air inlet. Use ether with caution. After engine starts it may be necessary to return switch to HEAT until it runs smoothly.

Do not use excessive ether before or during starting of engine.

Start With Boost

When using jumper cables-be sure to connect in parallel: negative (-) to negative (-) and positive (+) to positive (+).

Turn disconnect switch OFF when engine is stopped to prevent battery discharge.