AccuGrade GPS (CD700) Settings - Restore Caterpillar

Settings - Restore
1.1. Restoring Display Settings or Machine Settings

Restoring Display Settings or Machine Settings

Use the "Restore Settings" dialog in order to restore the Display settings and/or Machine settings that have been previously saved. From this dialog, you can restore the configuration settings of the Display. These settings may have been previously saved:

  • Display settings files

  • Machine settings files

Be sure to restore the correct Machine settings file for your machine. Display settings files can be used for any machine, regardless of type.

Note: The Machine settings file contains the machine dimensions. Only use the Machine settings file on the same machine that the file was created on.

Note: When you restore the Display settings and/or Machine settings, the GPS receiver configuration settings and the brightness settings of the Display are not changed.

AccuGrade Systems are unable to restore the calibration settings for the angle sensor.

The "Restore Settings" menu lists the settings files that are located on the data card.

In order to access the "Restore Settings" menu, complete the following steps:

  1. Be sure that a data card with the Settings files is inserted into the Display.

    Illustration 1g01430216

  1. From the "Setup Menu - Configuration" dialog, press the Down arrow or the Up arrow until "Restore Settings" is highlighted.

    Illustration 2g01300299

  1. Press the "OK" key.

    The "Restore Settings" dialog appears. The "Restore Settings" dialog lists the setting files that are on the data card.

  1. Press the Down arrow or the Up arrow in order to select the settings file that you need to select.

  1. Press the "OK" key in order to confirm the settings.

    In order to close the dialog without selecting a settings file, press the Escape Key. The Restore Settings dialog appears.

    If you attempt to restore an invalid settings file, a warning message appears.

  1. AVSpare recommends that you check the "Blade Wear" dimensions when you restore a Machine settings file. A dialog will warn you to do this.

  1. Press the "OK" key.

  1. Depending on what was selected in the "Restore Settings" dialog, one of the messages shown in Table 1 will appear:

    Table 1
    Possible Messages    
    File Type     Message    
    Display settings     Restoring Display Settings. Please wait...    
    Machine settings     Restoring Machine Settings. Please wait...    

  1. Press the Escape Key in order to go back to the "Setup Menu - Configuration" dialog. Press the Escape Key again in order to exit the "Setup Menu - Configuration" dialog. The changes take effect immediately.

    Always check the "Blade Wear" dialog. The machine cutting edge may have worn (or been renewed) since the Machine settings were saved.