AccuGrade GPS (CD700) Settings - Save Caterpillar

Settings - Save
1.1. Saving "Display Settings" or "Machine Settings"

Saving "Display Settings" or "Machine Settings"

Note: The contents of the "Setup Menu" are configurable. Depending on the "Operator Configuration" settings of your system and machine setting, the number of items in the "Setup Menu" may vary. Refer to your Site Manager if a specific option is not available.

Use the "Save Settings" dialog to save "Display Settings" and the "Machine Settings" to a data card. From this dialog, you can save all the settings in the "Setup Menu - Configuration" dialog.

You can customize and save the text items that are shown on the guidance screens by saving the "Display Settings".

Complete the following steps in order to access the "Save Settings" dialog :

  1. Make sure that a data card is inserted in the Display.

    Illustration 1g01300302

  1. From the "Setup Menu - Configuration" dialog, press the Down arrow or the Up arrow until "Save Settings" is highlighted. Press the "OK" key in order to continue.

    Illustration 2g01300304

  1. The "Save Settings" dialog appears. Press the Down arrow or the Up arrow in order to select either "Display Settings" or "Machine Settings".

    Illustration 3g01300303

  1. Press the "OK" key. The dialog that is shown in Illustration 3 appears.

    The default file name for "Display Settings" is "DISPLAY NN". The default file name for "Machine Settings" is "MOTOR SCRAPER NN".

    "NN" is a two digit number starting at 01 and incrementing with each new settings file that is saved.

    The number assigned to a new "Display Settings" file is one more than any similarly named settings file already on the data card. For example, if there is already a dozer "Machine Settings" file (called MOTOR SCRAPER 01) on the card, the AccuGrade System assigns the name MOTOR SCRAPER 02.

    You can also save the settings to a file name that is more descriptive. For example, you can use a name such as "HIRED DOZER". Use the arrow keys to edit the default name.

    Note: You cannot use the Display to overwrite or delete an existing settings file.

  1. In order to save the settings to the data card, press the "OK" key. After saving, the "Save Settings" dialog appears. Press the Escape Key in order to go back to the "Setup" Menu.

    In order to close the dialog without saving the configuration to the data card, press the Escape Key. The "Save Settings" dialog appears.

    Note: If you change the default name, and then press the Escape Key, you are prompted to confirm that you want to cancel your changes.