AccuGrade GPS (CD700) Troubleshooting Techniques Caterpillar

Troubleshooting Techniques
1.1. General Tips
2.1. GPS Troubleshooting Tips
3.1. Screen Snaps

Try to isolate the problem. Accumulate all of the pertinent information including version numbers, the Program Log.txt file, or the steps that led to the problem. The more information you can provide for the support personnel, the less time it will take in order to solve your problem.

Contact the correct person for support. In the first instance this should be your supervisor, then your AVSpare dealer, and finally AVSpare support.

General Tips

Check the following items when you are troubleshooting.

  • Make sure that all of the required components are responding.

Use the "Diagnostics" dialogs in order to check components.

  • Make sure that the components have the correct versions of firmware loaded.


Use the "Diagnostics" dialog and the program log in order to check this. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Diagnostics - View".

  • Make sure that all of the cable connections are secure and undamaged.

  • Watch for errors or warnings.

Make a note of any messages that appear on the screen. You can also check the program log.

  • Find out the steps performed that led to the problem.

  • Check if the steps that created the problem can be repeated.

GPS Troubleshooting Tips

The AccuGrade System is designed to work with the MS990C GPS receiver. Before contacting your dealer or AVSpare, make sure of the following.

  • You have a MS990C GPS receiver with the correct firmware. Do one of the following in order to check this.

- Perform the tests for the receiver. Refer to Systems Operation, RENR8083, "Receiver Test" for more information.

- Use the MS CAN Controller software. Refer to Systems Operation, RENR8083, "Receiver Front Panel Emulator" for more information.

  • Data is received from the GPS receiver.

  • There is power on the display.

  • All of the connectors are secure.

  • You note the version number of the software for the AccuGrade System that appears on the "Setup Menu – Configuration" dialog or from the ProgramLog.txt file.

  • You note the serial number of the AccuGrade System from the ProgramLog.txt file.

Screen Snaps

Screen snaps are a useful way to record problem situations when you need help from your dealer or from AVSpare.

If the Display shows unusual data for the design, or other problems on the screen, take a screen snap of the problem.

In order to take a screen snap hold down the "Menu" key and press the 4th soft key down from the top. The software creates a bitmap file and the software saves the file on the data card.

The name of the file indicates the date and the time that the screen snap was taken. You can view this file on a computer in the office in a package for drawing such as Microsoft Paint, or you can send the file to your dealer or to the AVSpare support for assistance.