AccuGrade GPS (CD700) Common Problems Caterpillar

Common Problems
1.1. Common Problems and Guidelines
2.2. Common Problems and Solutions
3.2. GPS Status
4.2. Power Loss
5.2. Data Card
6.2. Out of Guidance Area
7.2. Disappearance of Road Alignment
8.2. No Design Loaded
9.1. Visual Status Indicators
10.2. GPS Receiver Status Indicators
11.2. Data Radio Status Indicators

Common Problems and Guidelines

This section outlines common problems that occur. The section provides guidelines for the following subjects:

  • What to look for

  • What an error message means

  • How to fix a problem

In most cases, warning messages flash on the screen or the full screen shows a message. Refer to the following information: Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU8158, "Flashing Messages" and Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU8283, "Full Screen Messages".

Common Problems and Solutions

Table 1 describes the possible causes of common problems and suggests possible solutions.

Table 1
Common Problems and Solutions    
Problem     Cause     Solution    
A Text View does not appear when you press the "NEXT" key.     There is not any information configured to appear on the Text View.     Configure the Text View so that it shows the information that you want to see.    
In the Text View, "N/A" appears as the value of guidance parameters.     No design is loaded.     Load a design.    
The error estimate limit that was set by the GPS accuracy mode has been exceeded. Move away from obstructions and make sure that the data radio is working in the diagnostics.    
The machine is off the current design. Move onto the current design area.    

GPS Status

During periods of low accuracy, the AccuGrade System provides warning messages. Table 2 summarizes these messages.

Table 2
GPS Status Warning Messages    
If...     Then...    
a GPS position is not available     a warning flashes repeatedly in the middle of the current guidance screen. When in the Setup Menu, GPS related warning messages will only appear in the valve speed and valve calibration dialogs.    
in Plan View, the machine symbol disappears.
in Cross-section View, the last available cross-section appears but no blade is shown.
in Text View screens, real time information fields (such as the Speed field and the Heading field) shows N/A (not available). Non-guidance values (such as the Satellites field) still appear, if they are available.
low accuracy GPS positions are available     a warning flashes repeatedly in the middle of the current guidance screen, valve speed dialog or valve calibration dialog.    
the Plan View continues to be updated.
the Cross-section View no longer shows the machine blade.
GPS mode is one of:
- Invalid GPS Configuration
- No GPS Data (Right)
- Old Position
V. Low Accuracy (GPS)    
graphical guidance is no longer given. Both the machine and the blade of the machine are hidden and no longer updated in the guidance views.    

Power Loss

When the power supply to the display is lost, the LCD on the display dims. If power is not restored within seconds, the display turns off.

When power is restored, a message will appear that some of the required devices are not responding. The other devices do not have a battery.

Data Card

When the data card is being used, a small amber LED beside the slot for the data card is illuminated. Removing the data card while the card is being used can cause damage to the data card. Always wait until the LED is off before you remove the card.

Out of Guidance Area

If the current blade position (at the blade focus) is not within the design boundary:

  • All design guidance text items appear as N/A

If both blade tips are outside the design boundary:

  • In cross-section view, the screen is blank except for the error message "Off Design No Cross-section Available".

  • In profile view, the screen is blank except for the error message "Off Design No Profile Available".

Note: Surface design files can have holes or gaps (such as lakes) in them, and there can be valid areas of guidance within the gaps (such as islands).

Disappearance of Road Alignment

If the alignment selected for horizontal guidance is no longer available at your current position:

  • The text items for horizontal guidance appear as "N/A"

If the selected alignment reappears, horizontal guidance resumes.

If the road has been exported from the AccuGrade Office software and includes .svl roading linework, you can enable the "autoselect" feature. When the roading alignment stops, the "autoselect" feature searches for the start of the next alignment within a radius of 2 m from the blade tip that has focus. Continue in the required direction until the next alignment is selected.

No Design Loaded

If no design is loaded:

  • In the text views screens, "N/A" appears as the value of guidance parameters.

  • The bottom line of "Design: <Name>" shows as none.

  • Cross-section view displays a "no design" message.

Visual Status Indicators

Some system components are installed on the machine in easily accessible locations, and a look at the status indicators of the components can help you to troubleshoot problems.

GPS Receiver Status Indicators

The GPS receivers have three LED indicators next to the harness connector. The behavior of these LED indicators will indicate the status of the receiver. These LED indicators are shown in Illustration 1.

Illustration 1g01217076

(1) Power

(2) Data Link

(3) Satellite

The meaning of the receiver status LED activity is given in Table 3.

Table 3
GPS Receiver Status Led Activity    
Led     Off     Slow Flash     Flash     Fast Flash     On Solid    
Power     No power             Beta test period expired (1)     Power on    
Data link     No CMRs received or too few satellites         CMR type 0 being processed         10 Hz CMRs being processed    
Satellite     No satellites being tracked     Tracking 4 satellites or more         Tracking 3 satellites or less     Monitor mode (2)    
( 1 ) In addition to the power LED, the data link and satellite LEDs will also be flashing, and at the same rate as the power LED.
( 2 ) In addition to the satellite LED, the power LED will also be on solid, and the data link LED will be flashing.

When GPS is working correctly in a single GPS system, the power LED for the receiver will be on solid, the data link LED will flash at 1 Hz, and the satellite LED will flash slowly.

When GPS is working correctly in a dual GPS system, the LED indicators on the left GPS receiver will behave as described above in the single GPS system. The power LED on the right GPS receiver will be on solid, the data link LED will be on solid, and the satellite LED will flash slowly.

Data Radio Status Indicators

Illustration 2g01528095

(2) Antenna

(3) LED

(4) 8-pin Connector

The CR series radio has antenna connections on the top, an electrical connector on the bottom, and a LED on the front. Refer to Table 4 for the states of the LED indicators.

Table 4
LED Status     Description    
LED Off     No power    
LED On Solid     The radio has power, but is not synced with the base station.    
1 Hz flashing LED     The radio has power.
The radio is synchronized and receiving data.    
Irregular flashing LED     The radio has power.
The radio is synchronized, but the data is incomplete.    

Note: The status LED for the data radio can be difficult to see.