CB34, CB34XW and CC34 Utility Compactors Engine Oil Level - Check Caterpillar

Engine Oil Level - Check
1.1. Add The Engine Oil


Do not under fill or overfill engine crankcase with oil. Either condition can cause engine damage.

Stop the engine in order to check the oil level. Allow the machine to sit for a few minutes before you check the oil level. DO NOT check the oil level when the engine is running.

Park the machine on a level surface.

  1. Open the engine compartment.

    Illustration 1g01414607

  2. Remove dipstick (1). Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth. Insert the dipstick. Remove the dipstick and note the oil level. Insert the dipstick.

    Note: Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Lubricant Viscosities" and Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Capacities (Refill)" for the correct amount of oil that is used when the oil is changed. The correct amount of oil determines the correct level of the oil in the FULL range on the dipstick.


    Do not overfill the crankcase. The oil level must not reach the top of the FULL range mark or above the FULL range mark.

  3. Maintain the oil level on the dipstick between the "FULL RANGE". Add oil if the oil level is too low. If the oil level is correct, close the engine compartment.

    Note: Operating your engine with the oil level above the FULL mark in the FULL Range could cause the crankshaft to dip into the oil. This could result in excessively high operating temperatures. The high operating temperatures could result in reduced lubricating characteristics of the oil. This could cause damage to the bearings and loss of engine power.

Add The Engine Oil

  1. Open the engine compartment.

  2. Remove oil filler cap (2).

  3. Add the oil.

  4. Clean oil filler cap (1). Install oil filler cap (2).

  5. Close the engine compartment.