NO. 16 MOTOR GRADER Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly Caterpillar

Every 250 Service Hours Or Monthly
1.1. (28)Water Pump
2.1. (29)Parking Brake Bellcrank Bearing
3.1. (30)Fan And Adjusting Pulley Bearings
4.1. (31)Transmission Control Linkage Bearing
5.1. (32)Governor Control Linkage Bearings
6.1. (33)Rear Axle Trunnion Brackets
7.1. (34)Transmission System
8.1. (35)Engine Crankcase
9.1. (36)Alternator, Water Pump and Fan Belts
10.2. To Adjust Belts:

(28)Water Pump

1. Lubricate at fitting at bottom rear of pulley.

2. Stop when grease appears at relief valve on top.

(29)Parking Brake Bellcrank Bearing

Lubricate at fitting mounted on left side of parking brake assembly.

(30)Fan And Adjusting Pulley Bearings

1. Lubricate fan at fitting on hub.

2. Lubricate adjusting pulley bearing at fitting on rear of pulley shaft.

(31)Transmission Control Linkage Bearing

Tilt seat. Open cover Lubricate at fitting located at right of opening.

(32)Governor Control Linkage Bearings

Lubricate fittings at bellcranks located under operator's compartment. Total 3 fittings.

(33)Rear Axle Trunnion Brackets

Lubricate fittings on top of brackets on both sides of machine. Total 2 fittings.

(34)Transmission System

Check with level gauge located at right rear of operator's compartment. Maintain oil level above ADD mark on gauge.

(35)Engine Crankcase

1. Oil should be warm and machine level. Remove filler cap. Remove crankcase drain valve plug and open valve.

2. Remove filter base drain plug and drain filters.

3. Loosen cap bolts and remove cap assemblies. Replace seal if damaged.

4. Remove used elements.

5. Clean housings. Clean and install drain plug.

6. Install new elements. Install cap assemblies.

7. Install drain valve plug and close valve.

8. Fill crankcase. (See Refill Capacities.)

9. Oil level should be above FULL mark on gauge.

10. Start engine and check oil when warm. Fill to FULL mark on gauge.

(36)Alternator, Water Pump and Fan Belts

1. Check adjustment of fan belts.

2. Check adjustment of alternator - water pump belts.

3. Check all belts for wear and cuts. Correct adjustment for each of either set is 1/2 inch (12 mm) deflection under 25 lbs. (11,5 kg) force.

To Adjust Belts:

1. Alternator and water pump. Loosen top nut and turn bottom nut.

2. Tighten top nut and check adjustment.

1. Fan. Loosen bolts at front of tightener and adjusting screw locknut. Turn screw.

2. Tighten bolts, locknut and check adjustment.