AUTOMATIC BLADE CONTROL Tips For The Operator Caterpillar

Tips For The Operator
1.1. Maintaining Slope Accuracy
2.2. Over Dialed Slope Angle
3.2. Slope Incorrect on One Side Only
4.2. Slope Angle Different From Slope Right To Slope Left


Possible mechanical interference can be avoided with correct operation.

Extend right or left cylinder to avoid interference when side shifting.

Scarifier beam may contact drawbar with scarifier fully raised.

When using high bank or extreme reach positions, do not allow cylinder to contact frame.

Tip angle may differ from automatic to manual control. Use original angle when switching to automatic.

To prevent guard from contacting drawbar when side shifting: Tip blade back to maximum angle. Turn tube assembly so guard contacts blade.

Put a 1 inch (25 mm) piece of tape 4 to 5 inches (10 to 13 mm) from the end of wand. Keep reference wire on this tape.

Maintaining Slope Accuracy

Accuracy of slope angle cut to that of slope angle dialed may be effected by the mechanical adjustments of the machine.

Over Dialed Slope Angle

Over dialing of slope angle to obtain correct slope angle may be caused by blade carrying too heavy a load or material that is too hard, causing the blade and machine to ride up.

Scarify material and finish before it sets. Circle adjustments must have minimum clearance and ball socket joints must be tight. Operate with front wheels vertical, lift arms high and blade at 90° to frame. Make consecutive passes with the slope and grade controls at the same setting. Do not undercut. Final pass should be a light cut.

Slope Incorrect on One Side Only

Improperly adjusted servo valves, damaged lift cylinders, or a defective slope selector switch may cause incorrect slope on one side only.

Null the servo valve if necessary. Inspect lift cylinders for damage and replace if necessary. To check control console, see your AVSpare dealer.

Slope Angle Different From Slope Right To Slope Left

Circle, moldboard and ball resolver joint assembly not being level may cause the slope angle to be different from slope right to slope left. Check adjustment of ball resolver chain or tape. Check tires for uneven wear, unequal inflation pressure or mixed sizes.

Check circle shoe adjustment. Check ball resolver chain or tape adjustment. If the problem still exists, it is necessary to adjust the ball resolver joint assembly to the circle. See your AVSpare dealer for this adjustment.